Volunteers Still Needed!

With only a few short weeks until opening day, the pool is still in need of volunteers each weekend to help us get ready! There is a lot that needs to be done, including swimming pool refurbishment, deck cleaning, and much more. The management has been working hard to keep everything clean and organized the re-opening of the pool. Volunteers need to contact the main office if they are interested in applying and need to follow protocols for Covid. There is still time left to sign up so don’t wait any longer so you aren’t left out of our volunteer program and our discounts for membership.

Saturdays in May from 10am – 12pm

Things we still need help with:

  1. Pressuring washing pool deck
  2. Swimming pool refurbishment
  3. Pulling out, washing and setting up furniture (May 22nd)
  4. Canopies on tents
  5. Parking lot cleanup
  6. Tennis Court cleanup