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COVID-19  Update

In compliance with Gov. Cooper’s Executive Order 147, Jonestown Pool requires patrons age 11 and older to wear face coverings when coming into the facilities through the hallway, up to the office window to purchase concessions or ask staff questions, and when going to the restrooms because it is difficult to maintain social distancing in these places. As our deck furniture is appropriately spaced apart, we do not require patrons to wear face masks on the deck. However, please refrain from moving the furniture around in light of these recent developments. If you would be more comfortable wearing a face covering while on the deck, please do so, but please refrain from wearing a face covering in the pool (since this could lead to drowning). Please note that it is not the responsibility of the Jonestown Staff or Board of Directors to enforce compliance with Executive Order 147. If we do not comply, however, Jonestown Pool may face citations and fines so we ask for your support in the wearing of face coverings in the above mentioned spaces.

As an outdoor facility, Jonestown Swim and Tennis Club is subject to reduced restrictions than enclosed environments and so, with guidance from the most recent executive order from the governor of North Carolina (order #141 Section E) , we have decided to cap our limited occupancy at 200 patrons on the pool deck and 55 patrons in the pool at one time.

Social distancing is encouraged at Jonestown Pool but please note that it is not the responsibility of staff or board members to manage or enforce it among members. Members should encourage their children and guests to follow social distancing guidelines and to respect the social distancing being observed by other members.

  • Tables will be limited to a single family occupancy. Some members may choose to share tables, others may not, and this is up to personal discretion.  Each table has two assigned lounge chairs appropriately spaced six feet from other chairs.  Please refrain from relocating from chair to chair during time spent at the pool to reduce cleaning needs.

  • High touch areas will be wiped down and cleaned regularly. Members may request additional cleaning from staff if they feel it is required.

  • Staff will clean all furniture used by patrons upon their departure before another patron may utilize it.

  • Grilling utensils, pool toys or goggles will NOT be available for borrowing and we encourage our members to bring their own toys and other materials to enjoy our facilities (such as tennis racquets and balls, basketballs, horseshoes, or bean bags).

Great Rates for 2020

Jonestown Pool has lowered its rates to offer incredible value for its members.


Single Membership  $200

Couple Membership  $275

Household Membership  $425

Payment plans available.

Visit our membership page to join today.


Jonestown Pool limits its membership numbers to maintain an environment of community that doesn’t feel crowded.  We do have memberships available for the 2020 season and are accepting applications now.  Dive in for some fun.  Join today.




Our Season

Our season runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

Sharks Swim Team

Swim Hard! Swim Fast! Go Sharks!  The Jonestown Sharks, proud winners of the 2018 City Meet Spirit Award, welcome swimmers who are 18 or under by May 31.  Our focus is on fun, sportsmanship, and health.  No tryouts are required.  Becoming a Shark is a great way to make friends and improve as a swimmer.  Dive in to our team page and learn more.